The Dirt on Triathlon Training & Heat

On this week’s episode, Bethany and Kathryn chat about a topic they are very familiar with in the Atlanta – area, training and racing on the face of the sun. Just kidding, but it does get very hot in Georgia.

Listen as they cover everything from why some people train and race better in the heat, common mistakes people make in training in the heat (hint, it has to do with too many mid-day workouts), whether or not the treadmill is a good idea, and why it’s really important to know the goal of each workout.

Plus you’ll find out more about the third ‘child’ Bethany is giving birth to this summer.

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Sara Gross Shares What It Means to Live Feisty

This week Kathryn had a chance to chat with Sara Gross, former professional triathlete, advocate for women in triathlon and founder of Live Feisty media.

Sara grew up swimming but had the opportunity to observe her first triathlon in college. As she watched the race, she caught the bug and began to wonder how good she could be at the sport. This led her to her first triathlon a year later and eventually to a pro career racing on the Scottish National Team. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out how a Canadian ended up racing for Scotland.

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Sara has a PhD in Ancient History and Religion and wrote her dissertation on the history of women in the first two centuries. We have a chance to talk about what she learned from her studies that’s helped her be an advocate for gender equality in the sport of triathlon.

In 2015 Sara and a group of 12 others founded TriEqual and launched the 50 Women to Kona Movement. The goal of the movement is to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in triathlon, and specifically with 50 Women to Kona, to give women equal spots and prize money at the world’s biggest triathlon.

Sara and Kathryn discuss this movement, why it is important, and if women do or do not currently have equal opportunities with the change in the Kona Qualification system in 2018.

Sara also talks about the media company that she founded in 2017, Live Feisty Media. The goal is to share stories and fresh perspective while giving women a voice in triathlon. Live Fiesty currently produces two podcasts, the Ironwomen Podcast and If We Were Riding.

In the fall of 2018, Live Feisty and Triathlete magazine will host the Outspoken Summit. the first gathering for women in triathlon to connect, learn and grow.

Find out more about all of Sara’s ventures at Live

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The Dirt on Social Media and Triathlon Training

Have you ever followed that athlete on Instagram and watched in amazement as they posted selfies from their incredible workouts all while looking happy and refreshed? Do you wonder how they have time to work, spend time with their family, or even go to the grocery store between all of this time working out?

Social Media, it can be our worst enemy or our biggest motivator.  Whether social media is keeping you from getting started in the sport, helping you feel motivated to get off the couch and get your workout done, or causing you to feel incredible stress as you see other people wracking up the miles, this is a great episode to focus on reality. Bethany and Kathryn cover everything from the ways social media can be helpful and harmful, how you should be approaching your training and even some things you can do to get the most out of your training.

Listen now and share your thoughts – does social media help or harm you in your training? How do you manage it? What’s your favorite platform to use?

Triathlon Race Day Tips

Triathlon involves 3-disciplines, countless pieces of equipment, and transitions. For Type-A athletes, the temptation is to strive for the perfect race. The reality is, there is no perfect race. You’ll always find something you can improve on or do better.

Bethany and Kathryn were at one of Georgia’s local races over the weekend and share insights on things that new or veteran triathlons can do to make their next race even better.  Here’s a quick preview:

  • Wetsuits – prepare ahead of time. Borrow or rent a wetsuit well in advance so you have time to find one and make sure it works for you.
  • Check our transition bag the night before. Make sure you have everything!
  • Don’t sprint from the swim exit to transition, especially when you have to navigate a hill out of the water. You’ll end up with a high heart rate and feeling flustered in transition.
  • Don’t try to throw in any fancy mounts or dismounts on your bike that you haven’t tried ahead of time.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the course – know how to execute hills.
  • Pace yourself on the run. You’ll regret it if you go out way to fast.
  • Have fun and enjoy race day! Celebrate with your friends, family, teammates!

If you’re looking for a race day checklist or a guide to help you get started, download our guide!

The Dirt on Wetsuits and Triathlon

Bethany and Kathryn are back with another episode of the Grit and Dirt Podcast with a new format. You’ll continue to get the Grit (inspiration) but as triathlon season kicks off in many parts of the country, it’s time to get into the dirt — everything you need to know to successfully train and race.

Bethany loves wetsuits, Kathryn hates them. On today’s episode, they debate the pros and cons of wearing a wetsuit in the swim and then cover topics like when you should and shouldn’t wear a wetsuit, how to try on a wetsuit (hint, don’t do it in the buff), and everything you need to know for a great swim in your wetsuit on race day including how to avoid a long T1 by learning to quickly remove the suit.

Get Gritty with Pro Triathlete Steph Corker

When Steph Corker finished her first triathlon, she dreamed that by 60 she might be able to do an Ironman. Fortunately for her, she started to pursue her goal a bit earlier and became one of the top age-groupers in the country.

Steph talks to us about her journey to becoming pro and how she made the decision to make the jump because she didn’t want to be defined by the things that scared her.

If you’ve ever worried about how to add triathlon to an already busy schedule, this is the interview to listen to.  Steph talks about how she balances life as a pro-triathlete and entrepreneur — yep she co-owns a company and still runs it as she trains and races around the world.

She also opens up about the comparison game and how she’s in the process of learning to focus on what actually matters, deal with feeling like a sausage in her tri suit (we can relate) and learn to be the best version of yourself. We think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Steph as much as we did!


Find Steph:

The Corker Co 



Approaching Your Life with Confidence

As Bethany and I conduct our podcast interviews, I have a sheet of paper beside me where I jot down key notes or things I want to remember from that episode. When we chatted with Alyssa Godesky, I think I jotted down the word confidence at least half a dozen times.

She kept referring to blind confidence but as she spoke, I heard a woman who is not afraid to take big chances because she believes in herself. If you missed it, listen now!


The reality is, when we examine our lives, we could often use a bit more of that confidence.

We have dreams, we talk about plans, we want to make a change in our lives but there’s a little voice that whispers, ‘but what if I fail?’

So we stick with life the way we’ve always lived it. Our dreams stay hidden in little notebooks or conversations with trusted friends that never come to life.

What if we started approaching more of life with blind confidence? What if we decided to take more leaps with less doubt? How could this approach to life change the way we live?

I remember when I was training for Ironman Arizona. I was a relatively new triathlete – as in I’d done exactly one triathlon – who really had no business jumping into Ironman training as such a newbie. Fortunately, I trained with some fantastic coaches from Team in Training who gave us a solid plan and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. For the first part of my training season, I approached every week with fear.

I was terrified that I would not be able to finish the race.

That I would embarrass myself because I went for this lofty goal and couldn’t complete it.

I even came up with a backup plan to fake an injury if I thought I couldn’t complete the race – which in hindsight wasn’t the best plan because one of our coaches was also a fantastic physical therapist.

Then about half-way through the season, something shifted.

I decided that I wasn’t going to approach my training with fear anymore.

I was going to be confident in every session. I was going be confident in myself to complete the goal. I was going to be the best version of myself every day.

My training didn’t change. Same coach, same workouts but I completely changed.

Rather than dreading workouts, I looked forward to them.

Rather than whining when something was hard, I started to think, ‘you can’t make this hard enough for me’.

It was a huge shift for me. A million things could have still gone wrong on race day and a few did – let’s just say I’m very familiar with the porta potty stops on the run course – but I had one of the favorite days of my life.

In the last few years, I’ve had some big career transitions. The confidence that I learned to tap into when I trained for that Ironman has served me well in those.

We all need to find more places to develop confidence. To take a leap to live the life we really want. Maybe for some people, the first step will be to take on a big challenge like their first marathon or triathlon. For others, it might be to finally quit that job that you hate or to make that move so you can live the life you dream of living.

Whatever it is, let’s find a way to tap into that. We may fail along the way but life is way more fun and full of adventure when we live with confidence.

Blind Confidence and Other Lessons from Professional Triathlete Alyssa Godesky

Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete, coach, and co-host of the Ironwomen Podcast. We had a chance to chat with her and learn all about her story of getting involved in triathlon, how she developed a confidence that has led her to try some unexpected challenges and how she hopes to shape the sport.

Alyssa went to the United States Naval Academy for 2 years before transferring to the University of Virginia. Already an ultra-runner, she got involved in triathlon to make friends. She shares the story of her first triathlon and eventual transition from age-grouper to pro. She shares some of her funny stories of what it was like to take the leap from a great corporate job to full-time athlete trying to make ends meet.

Alyssa also talks about how important the relationship with a coach is and how vital it is to helping an athlete develop his/her confidence.

Tune in to hear more about Alyssa and her journey!


Chuck and Nicole Chittick – Love and Triathlon

Since February is the month of love, we decided to chat with one of the happiest couples that we’ve ever met in the sport of triathlon.

Chuck and Nicole Chittick are Atlanta-area triathletes who have found ways to enjoy their hobbies together over the course of the thirty-year relationship and marriage (listen to the podcast to hear about their lightning-fast romance that’s stayed the course)

They’ve done everything from singing to ballroom dancing but their lives changed when they decided to join a gym together to fight the mid-life pudge.

First, it was mountain biking and then running before they eventually found their way to triathlon.

Hear about their journey to becoming triathletes (Nicole didn’t know how to swim), their race-day philosophy and how they give back to the sport.

Get Inspired to Tri Part 1 with Belinda Granger and Lynda Rowan

Today we had an opportunity to sit down with former pro triathlete, Belinda Granger and age-group, Lynda Rowan for a conversation about how they got involved in the sport of triathlon, how they met, the things triathlon has taught them and why they still love the sport so many years later.

Belinda Granger at Challenge Roth

When Lynda decided to bring a triathlon to the resort she worked at in Austrailia, she knew she wanted one of Austrailia’s most popular women to serve as the spokesperson. She reached out to Belinda Granger, who at the time was fairly new on the pro scene but a very popular local. That was the beginning of a long friendship spent bonding over triathlon, being strong women, and a lot of fun.

Lynda Rowan at USAT Age Group Nationals

Fast forward 19 years as we sit and listen to these ladies catch up from across the globe. It seems their passion for triathlon has only continued to grow.

Listen to Belinda and Lynda share their stories. Whether you’re a new triathlete or have been in the sport for several years, we think you’ll be inspired to sign up for your next race after listening to their passion.

There are so many great stories that we had to break this episode into TWO full episodes. Enjoy part 1 this week: