Podcast: Michelle Crossman and Bethany Rutledge Share their Journey of Infertility

The modern woman. We are told that we can do it all. We can have a career, be an athlete, pursue our passions and have a family. There’s always the next goal to achieve, the next race, the career milestone, the next adventure.

What happens when we decide that we are ready for a family but nothing happens? What happens when we realize that our fertility didn’t keep pace with all of the goals that we wanted to accomplish before we had children? Read more “Podcast: Michelle Crossman and Bethany Rutledge Share their Journey of Infertility”

Podcast Guest: Pam LeBlanc Challenges us To Live Adventurously

Pam LeBlanc spent 15 days backpacking the John Muir Trail in August and September 2016. While climbing up Mount Whitney, shown here, she decided that she would declare 2017 her Year of Adventure. Photo by Chris LeBlanc


How does someone who was a shy, scrappy kit turn into a strong, confident woman who at fifty-three decides to embark on a year of adventure? Today’s podcast guest, Pam LeBlanc shares her adventurous story.

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Cori James: Triathlon Gave Me the Power to Overcome an Eating Disorder

There is one special picture that I keep on my phone. It’s a picture of my friend and I being silly, our backs turned to the camera, with one hand holding the other’s rump. We had just finished a hike with our boyfriends and decided to take a photo to prove to the internet that it had actually happened.  I don’t keep this picture in my phone library because it’s of some magical memory or too cute to delete. I keep it because it’s the first photo I saw of myself and realized how far I had fallen into the abyss of my eating disorder. The picture was taken from directly behind us so there was no hiding the inches separating my toothpick-sized thighs. Where had my thighs gone? Read more “Cori James: Triathlon Gave Me the Power to Overcome an Eating Disorder”

Podcast Guest – Meredith Atwood and Her Journey to Help People Find Their Best Selves

We had the opportunity to chat with Meredith Atwood, also known as Swim Bike Mom. Meredith is funny, inspirational, and full of great insight for anyone who is looking to change their life. We hope you are as encouraged as we were by Meredith’s journey to find her own best life and then mobilize a tribe to help others discover their best life!  Read more “Podcast Guest – Meredith Atwood and Her Journey to Help People Find Their Best Selves”

Energy Lab Run Training Plan Giveaway


It's time to announce our very first giveaway! In honor of our official podcast launch on Monday, August 14th, we'll be giving away a training plan from our partner Energy Lab + an Energy Lab Trucker Hat! This is a great value whether your target this fall/ winter is a 5k or a marathon. Here are all the details:

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Tips on How to Mentally & Physically Recovery from an Accident

On Tuesday, I (Kathryn), shared a bit more about my cycling accident and how I began to deal with some changing expectations in the middle of a trail running vacation in Bend, Oregon. If you haven’t read that story, go here to get some context for today’s post.

My helmet which was crushed from where I landed on my head

In the 5 weeks since the accident, I’ve learned a lot of practical lessons (dirt) on recovering from an accident. Many of you have probably had a similar situation and I would love to hear what you have learned as well! Read more “Tips on How to Mentally & Physically Recovery from an Accident”

Dealing with Changing Expectations

It was not the day I had planned. I was on an amazing trail running vacation with Rogue Expeditions and despite a serious bike accident which resulted in 9 stitches in my knee less than two weeks earlier, I had been able to keep up a very active pace on our trip. Each day I had hiked instead of run and altered my routes to cut down the distance while still experiencing all of the ‘must see’ sites. I had gone from crutches to hiking over 15 miles in 10 days but the physical activity was catching up with my knee that was still on the mend. The previous day I had hiked over 8 miles on the Mckenzie River Trail, scampering down the side of a cliff to jump into  37-degree water and hobbled around town with my fellow adventurers. As a result, my knee was swollen and each step was slow and cautious.  Read more “Dealing with Changing Expectations”

How Does Exercise Add Value to Your Life?

Earlier this week, Heather Reynolds posted on how triathlon changed the way she viewed her body. It's a story about how to learn to love your body for what it does rather than for how it looks. Breaking it down further, it's a story of of how exercise and training has so much more value than a simple task to burn calories.

We asked our community about the value training has brought to their lives. What we found were reasons ranging from competition, to seeking greater mental health and clarity. Check out some of their creative answers below!


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Heather Reynolds – The Surprising Gift of Triathlon

I don’t know when, how, or why I became obsessed with being thin. I was actually a pretty skinny kid and had a healthy relationship with food growing up. But puberty hit me like a freight train at 14 and I went from being shaped like a cereal box to Jessica Rabbit. A pudgy, confused, very un-confident Jessica Rabbit. And we all know what high school is like, and how catty people can be, and I certainly heard plenty of negative comments.

So began my first diet, which ended up lasting about 15 years.The summer after my sophomore year I went about dieting like the overachiever that I was and I showed that scale who was boss! Within 9 months I had lost over 45 lbs, with my weight dipping below 100 lbs. I thought I looked AWESOME. It was the mid 90’s – thin was in!

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10 Easy Ways to Break out of Your Routine Today

We loved Dusty Scott’s story of breaking out of routine and getting uncomfortable.  Some of us like routine and others shun it but we can all agree that routine makes us comfortable.  It’s easier to do the same things we always do on a Tuesday instead of breaking out of that routine to try something new.

Sometimes the first step isn’t signing up for an epic event or finding a new adventure.

Sometimes the first step in your journey is just to do one simple thing that breaks your routine and makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Read more “10 Easy Ways to Break out of Your Routine Today”