Dusty Scott – How to Kill a Wolverine

How do you kill a wolverine?  Give it everything it wants.  Put it in a large comfortable enclosure with a plush den, all the rodents and caribou steaks it wants, keep the temperature perfect, and wait.  It might take a year or two, but it will die.  Without the need to hunt, it will not hunt.  Without the need to find shelter, it won’t worry about things like digging holes.  Soon it will lose interest in those things, actually lose the ability to do those things, and then you’ll have yourself a nice throw rug/conversation piece that started when you posited a theory that life requires a challenge to thrive.  Don’t kill a wolverine.  They’re hard to catch (and even if you do catch one you will instantly regret it), and they really don’t deserve it. Read more “Dusty Scott – How to Kill a Wolverine”

Kathryn Taylor – My Grit and Dirt Story

Growing up, I was never particularly athletic. I never played team sports and I dreaded my school P.E. classes. I was always the slow kid or one of the last ones picked for the team. I felt like in a world of athletes, I just didn’t belong. That also mirrored much of the rest of my life. I grew up with a German mom in a small town in East Tennessee, where being different in a town full of people who’s grandparents had been best friends left me feeling like an outsider. I just wanted to be like everyone else so I hesitated to do things that I couldn’t master. Read more “Kathryn Taylor – My Grit and Dirt Story”

Bethany Rutledge: My Grit and Dirt Story

My grit and dirt story is about finding a way to channel my drive into significance. I’ve tried a number of endeavors and I’m still growing and learning along the way with God’s grace.

My mom passed down a love of reading at a very young age, and it led to a major advantage in school. I was able to read, write, and comprehend material fast,  a ‘talent’ that would benefit me forever. I now say that if I have one true talent, it’s reading. In sport, I was sort of a jack of all trades, decent at a lot of things, but not great at anything. My dream as a kid was to be an olympic gymnast. The only obstacles being I was already too tall, too old, and possessed a near absolute lack of talent. Read more “Bethany Rutledge: My Grit and Dirt Story”

How to Review A Podcast in iTunes

How to leave an iTunes rating or review for a podcast from your iPhone or iPad

  • Launch Apple’s Podcast app.
  • Tap the Search tab.
  • Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review.
  • Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.
  • Tap the album art for the podcast.
  • Tap the Reviews tab.
  • Tap Write a Review at the bottom.
  • Enter your iTunes password to login.
  • Tap the Stars to leave a rating.
  • Enter title text and content to leave a review.
  • Tap Send.

An Intro: What is Grit and Dirt?

Have you ever felt stuck in an area of  your life, whether it be a dead-end job, a dysfunctional relationship, or just lack of excitement and interest in what you’re currently doing? Have you ever wished for something exciting, a greater purpose, or just more energy for the good things you’re already doing?

All of us have felt stuck at some point, heck, at many points in our lives. And whether we chose to try to stifle that feeling or fill that void through eating too much, buying things we don’t need, or chasing quick thrills, we need a way to break out of our routine, to get ‘unstuck’.

Read more “An Intro: What is Grit and Dirt?”