Make a Comeback – The Journey to the New You

We all love a good comeback story and as we are counting down to the Winter Olympics, NBC just launched this inspiring commercial of skier Lindsey Vonn. If you aren’t familiar with the popular skier, she is one of the most decorated female skiers in the US but has suffered significant injuries while racing and training to her knee and most recently a severe arm fracture.

But a champion who doesn’t quit, Lindsey will be representing the US at the 2018 Olympics in the coming weeks. If you haven’t seen the commercial, grab a tissue and give it a watch her comeback story:

This week we also highlighted the story of Paul Linck on our podcast. Paul is an Atlanta-based athlete who almost lost his life to cancer in 2016. He fought back to race the Ironman World Championship in Kona this past year.

All of us have some sort of come back story. We all start with hopes and dreams and then life derails us.

For some of us, it’s an accident or illness like Lindsey and Paul.

For others, it’s a job loss, a child with a disability, a relationship that went sideways, a bout of depression that never seems to go away, aging parents or –insert your story–.

Sometimes we feel like we’ll never be the person we were before our life was interrupted.

And we won’t be.

But we have the opportunity to be someone else.

Someone wiser and stronger.

Someone who understands loss and has more empathy for others.

Someone who knows that she is strong and can make it through anything.

One thing we have learned over the years is sometimes making a comeback in your life can be as simple as giving yourself the challenge to try something new. That’s why we strongly encourage people to sign up for their first triathlon. Over the years we’ve heard hundreds of stories of men and women who have seen their lives change through the process of training.

We put together a free resource to help you get started on your journey. Just download it here




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