Get Gritty with Pro Triathlete Steph Corker

When Steph Corker finished her first triathlon, she dreamed that by 60 she might be able to do an Ironman. Fortunately for her, she started to pursue her goal a bit earlier and became one of the top age-groupers in the country.

Steph talks to us about her journey to becoming pro and how she made the decision to make the jump because she didn’t want to be defined by the things that scared her.

If you’ve ever worried about how to add triathlon to an already busy schedule, this is the interview to listen to.  Steph talks about how she balances life as a pro-triathlete and entrepreneur — yep she co-owns a company and still runs it as she trains and races around the world.

She also opens up about the comparison game and how she’s in the process of learning to focus on what actually matters, deal with feeling like a sausage in her tri suit (we can relate) and learn to be the best version of yourself. We think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Steph as much as we did!


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Blind Confidence and Other Lessons from Professional Triathlete Alyssa Godesky

Alyssa Godesky is a professional triathlete, coach, and co-host of the Ironwomen Podcast. We had a chance to chat with her and learn all about her story of getting involved in triathlon, how she developed a confidence that has led her to try some unexpected challenges and how she hopes to shape the sport.

Alyssa went to the United States Naval Academy for 2 years before transferring to the University of Virginia. Already an ultra-runner, she got involved in triathlon to make friends. She shares the story of her first triathlon and eventual transition from age-grouper to pro. She shares some of her funny stories of what it was like to take the leap from a great corporate job to full-time athlete trying to make ends meet.

Alyssa also talks about how important the relationship with a coach is and how vital it is to helping an athlete develop his/her confidence.

Tune in to hear more about Alyssa and her journey!


Chuck and Nicole Chittick – Love and Triathlon

Since February is the month of love, we decided to chat with one of the happiest couples that we’ve ever met in the sport of triathlon.

Chuck and Nicole Chittick are Atlanta-area triathletes who have found ways to enjoy their hobbies together over the course of the thirty-year relationship and marriage (listen to the podcast to hear about their lightning-fast romance that’s stayed the course)

They’ve done everything from singing to ballroom dancing but their lives changed when they decided to join a gym together to fight the mid-life pudge.

First, it was mountain biking and then running before they eventually found their way to triathlon.

Hear about their journey to becoming triathletes (Nicole didn’t know how to swim), their race-day philosophy and how they give back to the sport.

Get Inspired to Tri Part 1 with Belinda Granger and Lynda Rowan

Today we had an opportunity to sit down with former pro triathlete, Belinda Granger and age-group, Lynda Rowan for a conversation about how they got involved in the sport of triathlon, how they met, the things triathlon has taught them and why they still love the sport so many years later.

Belinda Granger at Challenge Roth

When Lynda decided to bring a triathlon to the resort she worked at in Austrailia, she knew she wanted one of Austrailia’s most popular women to serve as the spokesperson. She reached out to Belinda Granger, who at the time was fairly new on the pro scene but a very popular local. That was the beginning of a long friendship spent bonding over triathlon, being strong women, and a lot of fun.

Lynda Rowan at USAT Age Group Nationals

Fast forward 19 years as we sit and listen to these ladies catch up from across the globe. It seems their passion for triathlon has only continued to grow.

Listen to Belinda and Lynda share their stories. Whether you’re a new triathlete or have been in the sport for several years, we think you’ll be inspired to sign up for your next race after listening to their passion.

There are so many great stories that we had to break this episode into TWO full episodes. Enjoy part 1 this week:


Paul Linck on His Battle from Cancer to Kona

Paul Linck has been a consistent face on the triathlon circuit around the Southeast for the past decade, although you may sometimes may confuse him with his twin brother who is also an avid racer and his biggest fan.

After taking up running to get into shape and meeting some big goals, Paul transitioned over to triathlon with many of the same rookie mistakes that all beginners make. He found himself to be a strong cyclist and runner and a passable swimmer and soon this hobby became a passion.

Paul has raced every distance from Sprint to Ironman and has qualified 5 times for the Ironman World Championship Race in Hawaii.

In 2015 he raced the bike portion of Ironman Florida as a relay for the Kyle Pease Foundation. Between the chair and the Kyle Pease athlete, Paul pushed more than his bodyweight for 112 miles.

Feeling strong as a result of the preparation to push in the race, Paul decided to give a full Ironman a go just two weeks later in Arizona. There he qualified once again for the Ironman World Championship.

Everything was on track until a doctor’s visit in 2016. Paul was diagnosed with cancer and ended up spending the next year fighting for his life.

Ironman gave Paul a one-year deferral and going back to Kona became a personal challenge that fueled his spirit through a long and difficult recovery.

Just 4-months after his last chemo treatment, Paul lined up at the start of the Ironman World Championship.

The vulnerability of Paul’s story will touch you and his grit and determination will inspire you. Listen now:

April Gellatly on Triathlon as a Stable Place to Land

April Gellatly might be the most positive person you encounter on an Ironman course. With lots of energy, positive feedback and a LOUD voice, and likely dressed in pink, you’ll know April when you meet her. Once a pro-triathlete, she is now active on the course as a coach and cheerleader.

April started got her start in triathlon early in life. Her community had a very active youth triathlon program. As the youngest of three, a sister who was a world-class swimmer and a talented brother, April found herself excelling in triathlon. It was a place where she got the attention of the most important man in her life, her dad.

Tragically, at the age of 20, April lost her dad to suicide. After his death, she once again returned to triathlon as her place of stability. She set her sights on racing the Ironman World Championship and qualified at her first Ironman in Wisconsin. April shares about that first race experience – both her rookie mistakes and what it meant to complete that race with her dad in mind.

April graduated from college on the verge of the recession and just one year into her first job, she was laid off.  Again, she found triathlon to be a place of stability and decided to take her pro card.

April shares the good and bad of life as a pro and what made her decide to leave the pro world and focus on her coaching business. She has a passion for triathlon and you might even find her racing on a pink cruiser with her mom!

Whether you’re thinking of your first triathlon or dreaming of Kona, April’s story of grit and her practical advice will get you ready for the next step.

Find April at AG Multisport Consulting

Tere Derbez-Zacher: The Power of Your Mindset & How to Master It

Tere Derbez-Zacher started swimming when she was 24-years old and began to dream of becoming a World Champion. Her coach told her she was too old and didn’t have the abilities. Rather than giving up, she promptly left that coach and found an inexperienced coach who believed in her and was eager to learn. She now has 10 World Championship medals – 1 Gold, 7 Silver and 2 Bronze. It was through this experience that Tere learned the power of your mindset to achieve big goals.

Listen to the podcast

Wanting to understand more about the power of the mind, Tere moved from Mexico to Arizona to pursue not one but two Master’s degrees (one in counseling and one in sports psychology). It was there she met her husband and eventually had their daughter.

A friend invited her to go out for a run one weekend and she was hooked. Tere set a new goal of representing Mexico in the Rio Olympics. At the age of 44, she went to the games as the first alternate on the Olympic team. She’s not done yet. She hopes to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Team in Tokyo where she would compete at the age of 48.

Tere believes that you are the only one who determines your limits and she spends her time teaching that to both aspiring and high-level athletes. We have a great conversation about how you develop this mindset, how you protect your life from people who will not help you achieve your goals, how to find the right coach and why some coaches will not empower your dreams as well as much more

You don’t want to miss this conversation where we hear her story and learn insights on how to master your mindset to accomplish big goals.

Tere teaches private clinics and works with individual athletes. You can find her at Insightful Runner

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Podcast – Jeff and Andre Shinabarger on How to Live, Love, and Work

As soon as you start a conversation with Jeff and Andre Shinabarger, you know that they are truly opposites in every way. Their playful banter and opposite perspective when sharing a story give you insight into how two strong-willed leaders who want to change the world have learned how to stay in love and raise a healthy family while they pursue their passions.

Jeff and Andre always knew they had big dreams. She serves as a Physician’s Assistant at Grady Healthcare in Atlanta and Jeff is the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit in Atlanta called Plywood People, where he leads a community of startups who are doing good. Listen to their story.

It doesn’t take long to hear their passion for impacting the world. They have dreams and have worked hard to build a platform for those dreams. But, early in their lives as new parents, they started to discover that they had to change the way they were living if they wanted to stay in love and raise a healthy family. This led them to a series of decisions which included a 3-month sabbatical in Nicaragua where they began the process of changing the way they operated as a couple and a family.

This interview is chalked full of dirt for anyone wrestling with some of those same questions as they live out their passion. You’ll learn how they’ve created rhythms in life that work for them and the radical steps they’ve taken to stay healthy in the midst of a busy life.

Find Jeff and Andre at

@loveorwork on Instagram

@plywoodpeople on Instagram

Listen now

Podcast – Jesica D’Avanza on Running Unladylike

Even though Jesica D’Avanza grew up with parents who instilled confidence in her abilities from an early age and a father who was a role model as an elite runner, when it came to her own personal journey to running, Jesica shares a story that many of us can relate to.

She grew up running high school track but as she began her own journey into endurance running, she started to realize how some of her self-limited beliefs were holding her back. The things she learned as she set goals first to complete long-distance events and then to hit time goals, started to grow her confidence in other areas of her life. Listen to her full story on the podcast.

In 2012, Jesica began her blog, – appropriately named by combining the words “run” and “unladylike” – where she shares her uncensored and unladylike adventures of running and marathon training. (listen to the podcast for poop stories – yep, we all have them, she just isn’t shy about sharing them!)

Jesica also shares about her journey to becoming a mom and how she’s had to adapt to the change in her body from pregnancy and childbirth. She’s very honest about the physical and mental challenges that come with having your body completely transformed.


Jesica has completed eight marathons, 12 half marathons and numerous triathlons, including two half iron distance races. She received her marathon coaching certification from the North American Academy of Sport Fitness Professionals and actively coaches runners of all levels. In her day job, she serves as vice president of marketing communications for the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to ending muscle disease. You can connect with her at @rUnladylike on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Podcast – Josh and Erin Guerrieri on Running a Family Like a Small Business

Business owners understand that the time, intentional effort, and planning they put into their business will directly result in the long-term success and growth of their business. As they began to build and grow a successful fitness business (FitWit), Josh and Erin Guerrieri found this to be true. They had to spend time working on the business instead of just working in the business. It’s allowed them to ride the wave of fitness trends and build a sustainable business that continues to grow. Read more “Podcast – Josh and Erin Guerrieri on Running a Family Like a Small Business”