Approaching Your Life with Confidence

As Bethany and I conduct our podcast interviews, I have a sheet of paper beside me where I jot down key notes or things I want to remember from that episode. When we chatted with Alyssa Godesky, I think I jotted down the word confidence at least half a dozen times.

She kept referring to blind confidence but as she spoke, I heard a woman who is not afraid to take big chances because she believes in herself. If you missed it, listen now!


The reality is, when we examine our lives, we could often use a bit more of that confidence.

We have dreams, we talk about plans, we want to make a change in our lives but there’s a little voice that whispers, ‘but what if I fail?’

So we stick with life the way we’ve always lived it. Our dreams stay hidden in little notebooks or conversations with trusted friends that never come to life.

What if we started approaching more of life with blind confidence? What if we decided to take more leaps with less doubt? How could this approach to life change the way we live?

I remember when I was training for Ironman Arizona. I was a relatively new triathlete – as in I’d done exactly one triathlon – who really had no business jumping into Ironman training as such a newbie. Fortunately, I trained with some fantastic coaches from Team in Training who gave us a solid plan and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. For the first part of my training season, I approached every week with fear.

I was terrified that I would not be able to finish the race.

That I would embarrass myself because I went for this lofty goal and couldn’t complete it.

I even came up with a backup plan to fake an injury if I thought I couldn’t complete the race – which in hindsight wasn’t the best plan because one of our coaches was also a fantastic physical therapist.

Then about half-way through the season, something shifted.

I decided that I wasn’t going to approach my training with fear anymore.

I was going to be confident in every session. I was going be confident in myself to complete the goal. I was going to be the best version of myself every day.

My training didn’t change. Same coach, same workouts but I completely changed.

Rather than dreading workouts, I looked forward to them.

Rather than whining when something was hard, I started to think, ‘you can’t make this hard enough for me’.

It was a huge shift for me. A million things could have still gone wrong on race day and a few did – let’s just say I’m very familiar with the porta potty stops on the run course – but I had one of the favorite days of my life.

In the last few years, I’ve had some big career transitions. The confidence that I learned to tap into when I trained for that Ironman has served me well in those.

We all need to find more places to develop confidence. To take a leap to live the life we really want. Maybe for some people, the first step will be to take on a big challenge like their first marathon or triathlon. For others, it might be to finally quit that job that you hate or to make that move so you can live the life you dream of living.

Whatever it is, let’s find a way to tap into that. We may fail along the way but life is way more fun and full of adventure when we live with confidence.

Haley Chura – A Former University of Georgia Swimmer Making a Splash in the World of Triathlon

Haley Chura didn’t dream of becoming a professional triathlete when she was a collegiate swimmer at the University of Georgia. Far from it, she dreamed of life as an accountant.

After graduating from UGA, Haley went on to work for an accounting firm in Atlanta. It was her boss who challenged her to start running with him. She ran her first marathon with him and beat him by a minute. This led her to join the Master’s Team at Dynamo Multisport and beginning to race triathlon.

After a few years and a lot of racing, Haley ended up quitting her job to become a pro triathlete.

Haley’s journey as a pro has been full of ups and downs and valuable lessons. She was hit by a car while training in the North Georgia Mountains and the aftermath of the accident eventually led her to relocate to Montana. Get the full story

Haley’s seen some big success on the Ironman and 70.3 circuits, winning Ironman Brazil and placing in the top 10 at the 70.3 World Championship and she’s now using her platform to influence women in sport as the host of the Ironwomen Podcast.

Haley is down to earth and a ton of fun and a self-proclaimed great talker (we agree!). We think you’ll enjoy our interview with her as much as we did!

On a final note, this podcast is being released on the same day her alma mater, the University of Georgia is playing in the National Championship Football Game! Go Dawgs!

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