Have you ever followed that athlete on Instagram and watched in amazement as they posted selfies from their incredible workouts all while looking happy and refreshed? Do you wonder how they have time to work, spend time with their family, or even go to the grocery store between all of this time working out?

Social Media, it can be our worst enemy or our biggest motivator.  Whether social media is keeping you from getting started in the sport, helping you feel motivated to get off the couch and get your workout done, or causing you to feel incredible stress as you see other people wracking up the miles, this is a great episode to focus on reality. Bethany and Kathryn cover everything from the ways social media can be helpful and harmful, how you should be approaching your training and even some things you can do to get the most out of your training.

Listen now and share your thoughts – does social media help or harm you in your training? How do you manage it? What’s your favorite platform to use?


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