Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your chosen path but wondered if chasing your dream could lead to a sustainable lifestyle? Have you questioned whether or not it’s possible to make a living while doing the thing you love?  Today we get to chat with Becky Nickerson, who owns the popular Atlanta-based Infinity Yoga Studios, along with her husband Matt Shechtman.


Becoming a yoga instructor wasn’t the career path that Becky Nickerson had envisioned for herself when she moved to Miami, but an invitation to a yoga class led her to discover a new passion.  After a few years of hustling to make ends meet and craft her trade, Becky moved back to her hometown of Atlanta and through a series of events ended up opening Infinity Yoga. She and Matt didn’t set out to create one of the most successful yoga businesses in Atlanta but as they started to follow their passions and fix some of the things they disliked about the way the yoga industry was being run.


The beginnings of Infinity Yoga weren’t glamorous. It involved over a year of nonstop work and even selling Matt’s car to help pay for the first studio.


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Becky takes time to share all the dirt of how she and Matt Shechtman are creating a different kind of yoga business. Community is at the forefront of the business. They do this by creating a welcoming environment for new students and creating a business model where all of their teachers are full-time employees of Infinity Yoga rather than driving all over town to teach at one studio or another. This allows teachers to get to know their students and help them reach their goals.


They also started taking yoga trips around the world to allow students a chance to immerse themselves in yoga in beautiful environments while getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Learn more about their yoga trips here.


Becky also shares how she and Matt have learned to balance marriage while working together and now even embarking on a new life stage with the recent addition of their daughter.


For more information about Infinity Yoga, their classes and trips, visit their site here.

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