Ask anyone in Atlanta to name someone who is helping people join the city’s running community and they’ll mention Temilola ‘Tes’ Sobomehin Marshall.

Tes didn’t start out with a dream of starting a successful race company and running group. She, like many of us, got into running by signing up with a 5k with a friend. From there, she signed up for her first 10k and completed it but she noticed that she didn’t see very many other African American women at races and had a strong desire to start getting more African American’s involved in running. Around the same time, she saw a flyer for Black Girls Run and she became their first ambassador in Atlanta. The group quickly grew in Atlanta and Tes was hooked on the power of community to change people’s lives through running. Tes went on to form her own running group, runningnerds.

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From there, she began to venture into race directing because she thought it would be ‘fun’. Tes’ fun project has now grown to a full event company with races all over the city. One must-have for any of her races is a place where people can gather and connect post-race. She really believes that races should be an event where a community is formed.

Tes shares a lot of insight with us about what it’s like to be a runtrapreneur, the hustle it takes to pursue your dreams (hint: success is not overnight) and some of the unique things she’s done in Atlanta to bring together the running community, like the very popular, Big Ol Group Run.

This past spring, Tes launched Run Social Atlanta, a focused effort to bring together running and social events to encourage more people to get involved with running! Rumor has it, there’s even a new half-marathon in the works!

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Find Tes or sign up for one of her races:

Run Social Website


Run with Tes: West Midtown Run Club



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