If you’ve met Charlie Baxter Graham, you’ll remember that encounter. Charlie is a yoga instructor, runner, store manager, and social activist who is out to influence the world for good.

This popular instructor is a light to many but has a deeper story to share about her past. She shares her story of addiction and what led her to recovery seven years ago. Listen as Charlie talks about her time in a dark place and how she felt lonely and isolated. At her lowest point, Charlie found that learning to tell herself the truth changed the course of her life forever.

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Listen as she shares her journey of transferring her addictive behaviors to yoga and running only to find herself injured. Those injuries led her to ask herself some bigger questions about the type of life she wanted to live. She looked to other women who were living the life she wanted to live.

Act like the person you want to be and eventually, you’ll become that version of yourself.

Hear more about how Charlie made that shift began to inspire others and started a movement that led to over 1000 people showing up for King of Pops Yoga in the park every week.

Charlie has recently moved from Atlanta to Memphis and you can find her on facebook or Instagram at Charlie Baxter Graham.

If you’re in the Memphis area, join her on Tuesday nights for Downtown Yoga in the Park.


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