This week Kathryn had a chance to chat with Sara Gross, former professional triathlete, advocate for women in triathlon and founder of Live Feisty media.

Sara grew up swimming but had the opportunity to observe her first triathlon in college. As she watched the race, she caught the bug and began to wonder how good she could be at the sport. This led her to her first triathlon a year later and eventually to a pro career racing on the Scottish National Team. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out how a Canadian ended up racing for Scotland.

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Sara has a PhD in Ancient History and Religion and wrote her dissertation on the history of women in the first two centuries. We have a chance to talk about what she learned from her studies that’s helped her be an advocate for gender equality in the sport of triathlon.

In 2015 Sara and a group of 12 others founded TriEqual and launched the 50 Women to Kona Movement. The goal of the movement is to increase opportunities for underrepresented groups in triathlon, and specifically with 50 Women to Kona, to give women equal spots and prize money at the world’s biggest triathlon.

Sara and Kathryn discuss this movement, why it is important, and if women do or do not currently have equal opportunities with the change in the Kona Qualification system in 2018.

Sara also talks about the media company that she founded in 2017, Live Feisty Media. The goal is to share stories and fresh perspective while giving women a voice in triathlon. Live Fiesty currently produces two podcasts, the Ironwomen Podcast and If We Were Riding.

In the fall of 2018, Live Feisty and Triathlete magazine will host the Outspoken Summit. the first gathering for women in triathlon to connect, learn and grow.

Find out more about all of Sara’s ventures at Live

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