Today we had an opportunity to sit down with former pro triathlete, Belinda Granger and age-group, Lynda Rowan for a conversation about how they got involved in the sport of triathlon, how they met, the things triathlon has taught them and why they still love the sport so many years later.

Belinda Granger at Challenge Roth

When Lynda decided to bring a triathlon to the resort she worked at in Austrailia, she knew she wanted one of Austrailia’s most popular women to serve as the spokesperson. She reached out to Belinda Granger, who at the time was fairly new on the pro scene but a very popular local. That was the beginning of a long friendship spent bonding over triathlon, being strong women, and a lot of fun.

Lynda Rowan at USAT Age Group Nationals

Fast forward 19 years as we sit and listen to these ladies catch up from across the globe. It seems their passion for triathlon has only continued to grow.

Listen to Belinda and Lynda share their stories. Whether you’re a new triathlete or have been in the sport for several years, we think you’ll be inspired to sign up for your next race after listening to their passion.

There are so many great stories that we had to break this episode into TWO full episodes. Enjoy part 1 this week:


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