Paul Linck has been a consistent face on the triathlon circuit around the Southeast for the past decade, although you may sometimes may confuse him with his twin brother who is also an avid racer and his biggest fan.

After taking up running to get into shape and meeting some big goals, Paul transitioned over to triathlon with many of the same rookie mistakes that all beginners make. He found himself to be a strong cyclist and runner and a passable swimmer and soon this hobby became a passion.

Paul has raced every distance from Sprint to Ironman and has qualified 5 times for the Ironman World Championship Race in Hawaii.

In 2015 he raced the bike portion of Ironman Florida as a relay for the Kyle Pease Foundation. Between the chair and the Kyle Pease athlete, Paul pushed more than his bodyweight for 112 miles.

Feeling strong as a result of the preparation to push in the race, Paul decided to give a full Ironman a go just two weeks later in Arizona. There he qualified once again for the Ironman World Championship.

Everything was on track until a doctor’s visit in 2016. Paul was diagnosed with cancer and ended up spending the next year fighting for his life.

Ironman gave Paul a one-year deferral and going back to Kona became a personal challenge that fueled his spirit through a long and difficult recovery.

Just 4-months after his last chemo treatment, Paul lined up at the start of the Ironman World Championship.

The vulnerability of Paul’s story will touch you and his grit and determination will inspire you. Listen now:


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