Allison Macsas and Gabe Steger didn’t set out to start a vacation company. This couple fell in love while traveling in Southeast Asia. There they discovered that they both shared a wanderlust spirit and love of adventure.After returning to Austin, TX and their full-time jobs, Allison as a running coach and Gabe in corporate America, they decided to take some friends on an adventure vacation based around trail running. The trip was a hit. Fast forward a few years and Gabe and Allison have both left their other jobs and have grown Rogue Expeditions into a full-time business taking people on trail running adventures to some of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world including Patagonia, Kenya, Morocco, Croatia, and Slovenia.


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Allison is an elite level runner who went all the way to the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2016. (She’ll be making another attempt at the team in 2020). After coming close to burn-out from running, she discovered a way to combine her love of running with travel through the launch of Rogue Expeditions. Listen to Allison’s story

Gabe was on his way up the corporate ladder when he decided to take a sabbatical and explore the world. He knew his adventurous spirit could not be contained in the confines of a 9-5. One thing you’ll notice about Gabe is his passion for introducing others to new experiences. Hear Gabe’s story

Gabe and Allison discuss the challenges of being in a relationship while growing a business and keeping their love for running and adventure alive when it’s become their full-time employment.

They also talk about what types of trips Rogue Expeditions offer and what type of person is a good fit. Here’s a hint, the trips are open to a wide-variety of people from beginner runners to those training for ultra runs. The trip is focused around the adventure and is adapted to the needs of individuals. If you’re interested in learning more about one of their trips, you can visit their site here. Get all of the scoop about the trips by listening to the podcast.



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