Even though Jesica D’Avanza grew up with parents who instilled confidence in her abilities from an early age and a father who was a role model as an elite runner, when it came to her own personal journey to running, Jesica shares a story that many of us can relate to.

She grew up running high school track but as she began her own journey into endurance running, she started to realize how some of her self-limited beliefs were holding her back. The things she learned as she set goals first to complete long-distance events and then to hit time goals, started to grow her confidence in other areas of her life. Listen to her full story on the podcast.

In 2012, Jesica began her blog, runladylike.com – appropriately named by combining the words “run” and “unladylike” – where she shares her uncensored and unladylike adventures of running and marathon training. (listen to the podcast for poop stories – yep, we all have them, she just isn’t shy about sharing them!)

Jesica also shares about her journey to becoming a mom and how she’s had to adapt to the change in her body from pregnancy and childbirth. She’s very honest about the physical and mental challenges that come with having your body completely transformed.


Jesica has completed eight marathons, 12 half marathons and numerous triathlons, including two half iron distance races. She received her marathon coaching certification from the North American Academy of Sport Fitness Professionals and actively coaches runners of all levels. In her day job, she serves as vice president of marketing communications for the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to ending muscle disease. You can connect with her at @rUnladylike on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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