The modern woman. We are told that we can do it all. We can have a career, be an athlete, pursue our passions and have a family. There’s always the next goal to achieve, the next race, the career milestone, the next adventure.

What happens when we decide that we are ready for a family but nothing happens? What happens when we realize that our fertility didn’t keep pace with all of the goals that we wanted to accomplish before we had children?

Today’s episode hits close to home. Rather than chatting with a guest who we want to get to know better, we turned to our own community to talk about a story that’s very personal to both Bethany and Kathryn.

A few weeks ago, Bethany publicly shared that she and her husband John have started the process of in vitro Fertilization (IVF). (Read her blog here). Kathryn’s only niece was born from the process of IVF. We decided to invite our good friend, Michelle Crossman, who is 7 months pregnant with her baby through IVF to join the show for an honest conversation about the female athlete, fertility, and how individuals cope with the process.

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Michelle and her husband Ed announcing their pregnancy at Gulf Coast 70.3 in April. Their baby was awarded a medal at the finish line



We discuss the journey to IVF for both Michelle and Bethany as well as the things they’ve learned along the way. It’s been a very different journey down the same path for both women, but the lessons along the way have been surprisingly¬†similar. Hear about their journey, the emotional ups and downs, coping with loss (Michelle had two miscarriages) and the reason that they have both decided to share this topic in a very public way.

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John and Bethany were always waiting for the perfect time until they realized that she’s about to turn 36 and life will never slow down for the perfect moment.



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