Megan Melgaard may have gills. At least that’s what most people would think when they start to understand how much time she spends in the water. Today we chat with this entrepreneur (or better yet, ‘aquapreneur’) to learn the all about the adventures and challenges she’s encountered while following her dreams.

If you can find a job that involves the water, Megan has probably done it. She started as a collegiate swimmer who went all the way the Olympic trials at the University of Florida. From there she helped launch a successful swimsuit company (Splish) which she later sold to her business partners to head to Hollywood to star in a major motion picture alongside Keven Costner and then becoming a Hollywood stuntwoman. She then moved to Atlanta, where she became one of the most well-known swim coaches in the Southeast, launched her business Fix My Swim, and became a race director. Her work with races eventually led her to be hired as the Atlanta Event Director for Swim Across America (SAA) and now she serves as the National Director of Events & Safety for SAA, traveling all over the US and the world to help people raise money for cancer research and clinical trials through swim experiences.

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As glamorous as life in a swimsuit might sound, Megan shares the good, the bad, and the lonely of life on the road. Her background with an injury that derailed her dreams of the Olympic team and an eating disorder that led her to deal with some deep issues of insecurity in her life.

She shares how important community is and how her community helped her break out of the destructive patterns that led to her eating disorder. She talks about the struggle of maintaining a community when you spend the majority of your time on the road and gives us some honest insight into the loneliness those with adventurous and entrepreneurial spirits often feel.

Megan is an honest voice about the good and bad associated with following your dreams!

You can find her at
Fix My Swim

Swim Across America

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